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NannoPetroResearch is a consultancy based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was established at the end of 2012 by Dr. Daniel Dennis Waga. The idea of creating this site was stimulated by the recent successful discoveries of hydrocarbons at the north-western part of Kenya and other mineral commodities within the country.

With East Africa remaining as the last exploration frontier target for hydrocarbons and mineral resources the attention to this region from International hydrocarbon and mineral companies will tend to increase. Our expertise is based on our large experience in geological activities (including consultancy) in Europe, Africa and Asia. The team consists of highly qualified specialists in micropaleontology, nannofossil research and petrography of sedimentary, metamorphic and magmatic rocks.

The company is aiming to serve and support the oil/gas exploration and production industry in providing biostratigraphy, petrography/ sedimentology, geochemistry services, relative age estimations, precise correlations of the local units with the subdivisions of the International Stratigraphical subdivisions that are important for source, reservoir and seal determinations, paleoenvironmental and tectonic evolution reconstructions of the sedimentary basins. In mineral exploration, we are competent in the petrography and mineralogy of igneous and metamorphic rocks. All team members have experience in diamond, copper and gold exploration within Precambrian Shields.

We operate in East Africa but plan to expand our activities in other parts of the continent as well. We look forward in assisting you in the phase of search and exploration of these resources.


Recent activities of the members of the research team are listed below:

  • Paleontology and paleoecological reconstructions of Mesozoic-Cenozoic sediments of Northern Peritethys;
  • Paleocene biostratigraphy of the Odessa Gas Field;
  • Neogene biostratigraphy and Correlation of the Eastern Paratethys;
  • Compilation of the Stratigraphical Chart and Code of the Eastern Carpathian Region;
  • Copper and diamond potential evaluation of the East European Platform and others.


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  • eric gloff shimosi  says:

    Am a Geomatics student and would like you to consider my attendance in the forthcoming training of GIS short courses,last months i attended your expo at kicc which was very nice and more encouraging.

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